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Seaorca Ship Management specializes in maritime education and employment services, emphasizing practical training for the shipping industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, underscoring our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction, while facilitating job opportunities for aspiring maritime professionals.
Founded in 2020, Seaorca Ship Management has rapidly established itself as a leader in maritime education and recruitment. Our core mission is to enhance awareness and understanding of the dynamic Maritime Industry. We achieve this by providing comprehensive education about the sector's evolving landscape, including insights into future trends, lifestyle changes, career profiles, and the industry's growth trajectory.

We are committed to offering prompt, high-quality training services tailored to the maritime sector. Our programs are designed not just to impart knowledge but also to equip individuals with practical skills essential for thriving in this industry.

A significant aspect of our service is the focus on student-centric recruitment and placement. We ensure 100% sponsorship for our students, reflecting our dedication to their success and career advancement. This commitment is further demonstrated through our meticulous recruitment and selection process. We strive to match suitably qualified and dedicated seafarers with appropriate roles, ensuring a seamless fit for both the individual and the hiring companies. This approach is in strict accordance with our high company standards, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed expectations in the maritime field.
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Navigate Your Future: Maritime Courses for Career Advancement

Embark on a sea-bound career with our four expertly-tailored courses, each offering unparalleled support and mentorship to steer you towards success in the maritime industry.
  • S.T.C.W : Navigate safety and compliance standards with our Standard Training Certification in Watch Keeping, designed to certify proficiency in essential maritime protocols.
  • GP Rating : Master both deck and technical disciplines through our General Purpose Rating course, offering a broad skill set for shipboard positions.
  • DNS : Chart your course to command with our Diploma in Nautical Science, providing the knowledge base for future deck officers.
  • OCCP : Elevate your maritime leadership skills with our specialized training for Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch, focusing on operational excellence.

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“My journey from the Navy to Seaorca Ship Management Limited has been transformational. After my military service, I was uncertain about my civilian career path until I encountered a Seaorca advertisement. Visiting the school was a turning point. The support and expertise from QM1 Marshall Adams (ret) were instrumental in my transition. The education led to my 100 Ton Master qualification and a maritime career that felt familiar. The proactive job placement assistance upon course completion solidified my belief that joining Seaorca was one of my best decisions.”
Mantu Chauhan